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AppCircle for Android

The highest performing deployment utilizes the Custom Ad Format to create deployments such as Offer walls, Custom Takeovers and Daily Rewards. The flexible nature of the Custom Ad Format allows publishers to seamlessly integrate app recommendations into the app experience.

Android Offer Wall

AppCircle Android v1.png

  • Integrate in 1 day
  • Very high eCPMs
  • Cross-promote your apps for free
  • Create a custom reward for your users

Ad unit placement is a key component to driving conversion. When rewarding users for downloading and launching recommended apps, the highest performing placements include:

  • Storefront where user purchases or earns in-game currency
  • Main menu button to "Earn Free Credit"
  • Takeover at the end of a level or when currency is exhausted

User Reward Amount

Rewarding users after completing an incentivized action is a great way to radically improve your conversion rate. You do not need to have virtual currency to reward your users for downloading a recommended app. High performing rewards have the following characteristics:

  • Meaningful - Users are incentivized to earn the reward
  • Consumable - Drives repeat views to earn additional rewards
  • Sustainable - Close in value to revenue generated per completed view


  • Virtual currency (e.g. points)
  • Unlock content/features/levels for limited time
  • Remove ads for a limited time
  • Free premium service trial for limited time
  • Reduce / eliminate grind to earn a feature (e.g. instant harvest, etc.)

When determining the amount to reward your user, consider the following factors:

  • Set a static reward amount for all Flurry clips
  • Control reward amount dynamically through server-side control to adjust to market conditions
  • Be sure to choose a level that is sustainable for your app's ecosystem
  • Base reward value on current payout per action

Determining Reward Amount

Example (for illustrative purposes)
Advertiser bid: $1.00
Publisher payout: $0.60 (60% rev share)

If you offer 100 points for a $0.99 In App Purchase, each point is worth approximately $0.01. Therefore, offering a reward amount of 60 points would make the point allocation equivalent to what you earn per completed action.

Contact your Publisher Account Manager for the latest payout information for AppCircle products.

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