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Flurry Alerts
Creating Alerts in Flurry Analytics allows you to monitor key app metrics whether you’re logged into the service or not. Set up alerts to monitor changes such as new users spikes or when too many users fail a level in your game. If your company has a large portfolio of apps, Alerts can help you keep track of changes in the ones that matter most, such as ones for which you’re releasing new updates.

You can find the Alerts setup page under the Manage navigation menu of any app in the Applications tab. Setting up an alert is as easy as selecting the metric to be monitored and setting a threshold for when to send the alert. Additionally, you can apply any percentage-based Alert across the apps in your portfolio by selecting the "Create this alert for all projects within company ABC".

Alerts setup.png
Figure 1. Configuring a new alert on the Manage > Alerts page

All alerts you have created for a given app can be found on the Manage > Alerts page for that app. If you have setup many Alerts across your portfolio, you can review and manage them all on your User Profile page, available by clicking your email address located in the upper-right corner of the Flurry portal.

Alerts are delivered in a digest format, once per day. This means that if 10 alerts triggered for a given day, we will send you one alert email containing those 10 alerts. If you find that you are receiving a certain alert too often, links in the email provide you direct access back to Flurry Analytics for deletion or editing of each alert.

Alerts example.png
Figure 2. An example alert email