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STEP 3: Advanced Features

Flurry offers a number of advanced features that allow you to gain even greater insight into your users. Use the following methods to report this data:

Track Geographic Location

android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or

If your application has location permissions, Flurry will track where your application is being used and report this back to you at the city level. Without this level of detail, Flurry will use the IP address of the user's device and report this information at the country level. Please click here for more information on Flurry's geographic reporting.

To disable detailed location reporting even when your app has permission, call FlurryAgent.setReportLocation(false) before calling FlurryAgent.onStartSession() and no detailed location information will be sent.

Track Age and Gender


Use this to log the user's age. Valid inputs are between 1 and 109.


Use this to log the user's gender. Valid inputs are Constants.MALE or Constants.FEMALE.

Track User ID


Use this to log the user's assigned ID or username in your system.

Please note it is a violation of our terms of service to track personally identifiable information as a user ID, such as a user's email address or device identifier (e.g. Android ID).

Track Errors

FlurryAgent.onError(String errorId, String message, String errorClass)

Use onError to report application errors. Flurry will report the first 10 errors to occur in each session. The FlurryAgent will also notify you of uncaught exceptions in the same way. If you would like to disable this behavior, call setCaptureUncaughtExceptions(false) before onStartSession.

Track Page Views


Use onPageView to report page view count. You should call this method whenever a new page is shown to the user to increment the total count.

Please note that this Page View method is different from Custom Events. If you are interested in tracking specific in-app actions (e.g. "Viewed Main Menu Screen"), please do so using Events.

Log SDK activity


Use setLogEnabled(false) to disable FlurryAgent logging call

HTTP vs. HTTPS Data transmission

FlurryAgent.setUseHttps(boolean useHttps)

Use setUseHttps to change the default session reporting request from HTTP to HTTPS.