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Required Flurry Analytics iOS SDK Update

As you may know, Apple is in the process of deprecating the UDID for the iOS platform. To ensure that your Flurry Analytics service continues normally, we ask that you now update your SDK to Flurry SDK 3.0.9. The steps to download the SDK are listed below.

In response to Apple's deprecation of the UDID, Flurry has created an alternate identification scheme. Please use this new SDK in your next development cycle at your earliest convenience. We ask that you please download Flurry Analytics SDK 3.0.9 from our website by Friday, March 23.

If you have any questions, please consult the FAQ below or don't hesitate to contact us at

Thank you,

The Flurry Team

Steps to Download latest SDK

  1. Visit the Applications page of the Flurry Developer Portal.
  2. Select an iPhone or iPad application.
  3. Click the Manage navigation item in the lower left corner (see image below).
  4. On the page that appears, click the Update Now! or Download SDK link.(see image below)
  5. A project SDK page will appear allowing you to download the SDK.

Important Points:

  • While there are files in the download zip that are project specific such as such as ProjectApiKey.txt, the Flurry libraries support iPhone, iPad, and universal apps. This means that you can use the same libraries across multiple projects.
  • Please Note, this version of our SDK requires Xcode 4. If your app still leverages Xcode 3, you cannot update to this SDK.

Example App Info page
Sdk download example 309.png


Will my Flurry Analytics service be affected if I do not do this update?

This update is the first step in preparing for the ultimate removal of UDID by Apple. It is important that this update is done before the actual removal takes place. Flurry does not have any knowledge of when Apple may make a change, but we want to ensure that your Flurry Analytics service is unaffected. If you do not do this update before changes restricting access to UDID are made by Apple, there are cases where existing users may be counted as New Users once again, resulting in overall miscounting.

Do I have to re-integrate the Flurry SDK to do this update?

No. You should be able to simply update the Flurry Analytics SDK libraries without changing your integration of Flurry Analytics.

Are you expecting that Apple will be making an announcement about UDID support soon?

Flurry has no knowledge of when Apple may make any changes regarding access it allows to the UDID. The update Flurry is requesting now prepares for the eventual removal of access to the UDID, whenever that might occur.

When Apple does restrict access to the UDID, will I have to make another update?

Yes. When Apple does finally remove access to the UDID, Flurry will have an updated SDK available that does not make use of the UDID, if it has not already done so prior to when this might occur.

Are you requesting that I update my app in the App Store before March 23?

No, we are asking that you download Flurry Analytics SDK 3.0.9 by March 23. After doing so, please use this SDK in your next development cycle, at your earliest convenience.

Do all my apps need to be updated?

Only those apps using Flurry Analytics SDKs prior to 3.0.3 need to be updated. If you received an email regarding this update, it is because you have an app in your portfolio that should be updated.

Does this update affect services provided by Flurry other than Analytics?

No, services other than Flurry Analytics are unaffected by this update.